There’s a new deadly virus in town. It’s deadlier than its predecessors that have terrorised Nigerians in the past.

Mengla, the recent Ebola-like killer, discovered in China is nothing to be compared to it. Even the Ebola virus is still in its embryo stage when compared.

Drinking salt water to save you is not even an option here 🙂

This one is WORSE!

It’s worse because, it toils with the most important part of the brain; the amygdala then it crawls down to the eyes, nose and intestine till it takes over your body before striking you down.

And the most important thing about this virus is that it completely shuts down your SENSE OF REASONING; reducing the ‘COMMON SENSE’ you’ve been managing to nothing. At this stage, Okuko(fowl) will somehow consider itself wiser than you.

So, this very vìrus is very much around in Nigeria and it’s ravaging our youths.

And it’s called LOOM.

Yes ooo! LOOM!

And you’ve been infected and already in the chronic stage if you are among the ppl doing “Pay N1000 and get N8,000 in less than 24 hours.”

It beats my imagination that after the experience MMM gave Nigerians; some idiots are still giving attention to it PONZI.

To the best of my knowledge people lost millions, some lost good friends because they became enemies and some experienced a few episodes of mental problems because of the huge amount of money they lost in MMM.

Don’t worry, your tears will drop again very soon unless you are lucky to be the Paul that they will rob Peter to pay before the system eventually crashes.

Even tho Buhari has a hand in all these poo because, of course, as the norm goes, whenever anything bad happens in Nigeria, it’s Baba’s fault!

However… in his last 4 years in office, he was right about one thing; when he called Nigerian youths “LAZY”.

It’s not everybody that’s lazy but I am sure we have a lot of lazy mofos amongst us.

Are you one of them?

Shift jorh!


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