Game of Thrones will be ending it’s run on Sunday night as the last episode of season 8 will be shown to us but HBO is not forgetting the series yet as they will be following it with blood moon, a game of thrones prequel.

The HBO series, Game of thrones which started showing 17 April 2011 took the whole world through a long trajectory.

It’s been confirmed that the end of the series will see the rise of another to-be astonishing  series by HBO. They’ve gone ahead to produce a prequel temporarily dubbed ‘Bloodmoon’, meaning, the name might be changed along the line of its production or it will remain Bloodmoon.

Not so much is known about the new series but according to reports, producers have put together a stellar cast and it will be a must-watch for anyone who loves Game of Thrones.

The series will be set thousands of years before Game of Thrones and will document Westeros following the Age of Heroes.

The prequel will follow the story of the children of the forest( the original inhabitants of westeros) closely; giving the full detail how and why they created the white walkers and the various mysteries and legends that exist in the land.

Most importantly, it will fill the deep void that will be left next week when the final episode of season 8 goes on air.

Filming has already started 2 weeks ago in Belfast. Release date for the series is yet to be confirmed but sources say it will take at least a year.

If we could patiently wait for season 8, our patients will also be able to keep us waiting for this one.



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